Team Plan

Rytr supports team/company plans.

As an agency or company currently sharing the same account, you would hit the limits quite often, but with team plans, each individual team member can have a separate account, therefore, getting more flexibility over their usage.

Just click the team section in the account and add your team name to set up one. After this, you can start inviting your team members using the 'Add new member' option. An email invite will be sent to them with a unique link to join your team account.

Each additional team seat costs $19/month ($190/annum) for now on Rytr Unlimited and $9/month ($90/annum) for Rytr Saver plan. Going forward we will incorporate better collaboration features - such as doc-level sharing, joint editing, project folders, public-private links, and more - and at that point, pricing for each additional seat will be made consistent with the team admin. 

As an admin, you will always be billed for all the team members and can manage their subscriptions from the billing portal. We align team members' billing cycle with the admin account to make it easier to manage your billing.

Please note that the team plan is only intended for legitimate company or agency use cases, and not for individuals looking to take advantage of reduced per-seat pricing by sharing a common billing account. If we notice any service abuse, we reserve the right to cancel your team plan at any point. We might also limit the number of team members and enforce team-level FUP if we detect unusual account activity.